Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A morning circle is on the way
We smaller ones begin our day
they measure me and I stand tall
"Three-feet four" against the wall

We get in line to go outside
Race to the sandbox or the slide
Our laughter echoes down the hall
Wild ponies brightly running all

And when I'm smiling on the swing
I lift my little voice and sing
We splash each other in the pool
Sweet summer days in nursery school

We learn the things that we should know
Plant some seeds and watch them grow
Look at countries on the map
Eat our lunch, and then take a nap

And when the day is almost done
I know that soon my Dad will come
Then in a chorus strong and clear,
They sing, "Noelle, your Dad is here!"

And so we climb into our car
We head for home -- it isn't far
The window's down, the air is cool
Swett summer days in nursery school

(c) 1991 - [Published With Author's Permission]

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