Friday, January 22, 2010


Many children are lucky
they have what some wish they had
and that great gift is
to be able to call someone Dad
It is such a great privelige
and is taken for granted a lot
Rather than wishing for more
be grateful for all that you've got
My dad is a role model
and that much I'm certain I see
But in the end of it all
I know I can only be me
I wish I could see him daily
that would sure make me glad
I wish I could say to his face
"I love you Dad"

November 17, 2009
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"Dad" was authored by Navin Crump in commemoration of 2009 International Men's Day which was observed worldwide on Thursday, 19 November 2009.


Do you have an Indian name? Well, my name is Navin Farley Crump. Navin is an Indian name. My grandmother on my mom’s side is Sri Lankan. I was born in Singapore which is
a tiny island north of Australia. Singapore is positioned on the Andaman Sea. I currently live in the United States with my parents and sister.

In life my goal has always been to become a professional basketball player. To be specific I have always envisioned playing for my favorite NBA team the Los Angeles Lakers. However, if my professional career goal does not come through, I have a back-up career. School, teachers, and family have made me intelligent and more prepared for life and life’s challenges. I believe that if an organization or company was formed that specialized on increasing student GPA’s, SAT scores, and the knowledge of students, the world would be a more efficient and brilliant place. Children are the future and if education is enforced into their lives, the future is dazzling.

April 30, 2008
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The song entitled “Flying Without Wings” by Ruben Studdard means a lot to me because I want to make something of myself when I am older. The song symbolizes success, devotion, and perseverance and those are traits that I want to acquire. “Flying Without Wings” explains that everybody has a certain goal which means a lot to you, and you must persevere and go all out to reach that goal.

“Flying Without Wings” is a very descriptive song. Every verse has a different meaning or point. This specific verse made me think deeply about its meaning, “You’ll find it in the deepest friendships, the kind you cherish all your lives”. That verse, I believe, means friendships are to be cherished and they will help you in life just by knowing you have someone who cares for you. The reason, I chose this song was because I too have a dream and that is to be like my parents.

This song may have many different meanings but they all tie into one main reason. That reason is in this verse “You’re flying without wings”. I believe that verse means that everyone has that someone in their life that is always there for them. It may also mean that certain person lifts your spirits when you are feeling down. My parents are straight forward people and tell it like it is. I am exceedingly proud to call them my parents.

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The wind howls loudly
As our feet shuffle around
My dad encourages me
While the ball strikes the ground
Playing basketball with my sister
Is a lot of fun
But we are really competitive
So the game has just begun

The sun is at a standstill
The rainbow shines bright
Leaves from the tree rustle
The mood is just right
The net of the hoop sways
Whenever the wind may blow
But now back to the game
Ready, Set, Go!

The scent of salty sweat
Is smelt as it pours down our face
The mud on our shoes
Dirties the cemented place
The fragrance of cologne
Fills the air
But the odor of rubber
Is also there

The cold wind blows
While the sun exudes light
Paving the way
For my victory tonight
The game has concluded
I leave with a grin
Little does one, know
The exhaustion within

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My 7th grade year has been a year to rejoice and remember. Friends from elementary have changed and joined new cliques/ Sports at school helped me relax and prevent thinking about school worries. My attitude has changed tremendously for the better. I am more school and sports focused than ever. I have made many friends but I have lost many. 7th grade has just been flat-out breathtaking!!! Junior High friends are exceptionally amusing, intelligent, and genuine. But, best friends from elementary have changed significantly. The friendship of people that I had known and liked since 4th grade had gone astray. While they had moved on and found new friends, I was left unaccompanied. Finding new friends was difficult but when I did find new friends I felt jubilant, needed, and accepted.

Sports at school has released stress and helped me unwind. Even though school is pleasant, there are certain projects and classes that are laborious. Relieving stress is not the only thing that sports assist me with. Sports are exceedingly pleasing to play and I play them for the enjoyment. I participated on the Santan Boys Soccer Team and started half the season. I also tried out for the 7th grade Boys Basketball Team but unfortunately I did not make the team. Most players that did not make the team grimaced and whimpered, but instead I continued to practice and will hopefully make the 8th grade team next year. I have played sports all my life and have experienced wins and losses, but I have never been defeated. Sports are similar to life because in life you will experience losses but you must never be
defeated internally.

During the year I have realized that I have changed. Throughout the course of the year, my teachers and parents have helped me to mature in attitude about school and life. Education has always been dreadfully important in my household. So, 7th grade has been a year where B’s on a report card are unacceptable. That being the case, I have had to buckle down and concentrate. Even though my attitude has altered, my personality has stayed unchanged.

The years 2007-2008 have been marvelous. I as an individual have grown more mature. My main goals to achieve have been about school and sports. My friends are sincere and look out for me. I have lost numerous amounts of friends but I have also gained countless more. Seventh grade has been the greatest school year of my life!!!

April 31, 2008
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Buy war bonds
To help support the war
Buy it with your money
Don’t waste it at a store
Every bit of money
Helps our cause
When it comes to helping
There should be no pause
So buy war bonds
To help the U.S.
With your help
We could be the best

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"War Bonds" authored by Navin Crump was inspired by his study of World War I and World War II in his Social Studies class.


Looking to the right
Looking to the left
Looking to the east
Looking to the west
Looking up high
But never down low
Because in the clouds
Is where airplanes go
Enemy airplanes try to bomb our city
We spotters
Keep it pretty
No one roams the air
Without our permission
Everyone we see with 20/20 vision

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"Spotters" authored by Navin Crump was inspired by his study of World War I and World War II in Social Studies Class