Friday, January 22, 2010


Do you have an Indian name? Well, my name is Navin Farley Crump. Navin is an Indian name. My grandmother on my mom’s side is Sri Lankan. I was born in Singapore which is
a tiny island north of Australia. Singapore is positioned on the Andaman Sea. I currently live in the United States with my parents and sister.

In life my goal has always been to become a professional basketball player. To be specific I have always envisioned playing for my favorite NBA team the Los Angeles Lakers. However, if my professional career goal does not come through, I have a back-up career. School, teachers, and family have made me intelligent and more prepared for life and life’s challenges. I believe that if an organization or company was formed that specialized on increasing student GPA’s, SAT scores, and the knowledge of students, the world would be a more efficient and brilliant place. Children are the future and if education is enforced into their lives, the future is dazzling.

April 30, 2008
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