Friday, January 22, 2010


The wind howls loudly
As our feet shuffle around
My dad encourages me
While the ball strikes the ground
Playing basketball with my sister
Is a lot of fun
But we are really competitive
So the game has just begun

The sun is at a standstill
The rainbow shines bright
Leaves from the tree rustle
The mood is just right
The net of the hoop sways
Whenever the wind may blow
But now back to the game
Ready, Set, Go!

The scent of salty sweat
Is smelt as it pours down our face
The mud on our shoes
Dirties the cemented place
The fragrance of cologne
Fills the air
But the odor of rubber
Is also there

The cold wind blows
While the sun exudes light
Paving the way
For my victory tonight
The game has concluded
I leave with a grin
Little does one, know
The exhaustion within

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