Friday, June 19, 2009


We all have smiled
And we all have laughed
But we always hoped and dreamed
We imagined the day that would bring us trust
The day that would set us free
Our hearts are free but our souls are chained
What can that possibly mean?
That our hearts can soar but our souls are trapped by a lack of human belief

I stand on top of the world while living in such poverty
Trying to overcome my doubts
But I hold on tight never forgetting
That someday this day will come

When you feel that you’ve given up on hope
Look behind you
We all have made it this far
Why give in now
All the hurdles we jumped
Every mountain we climbed
Every step that we took
By faith we stand

So cherish the moments when you see someone smile
Savor the memories when you laugh together
Take a picture when you are united as one
And paste it all in a scrapbook where you’ll always remember

But tell me how long
How much longer will it take for this day to come?
Just believe in your heart that soon we’ll make it to the end, together

(c) 11 January 2009
[Reprinted With Permission - Courtesy of IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R)]

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