Friday, June 19, 2009


Deceived by the world
Taken by heaven
Ignored by the people
And understood by me
Surrounded by dark
Uplifted by light
Where can I find the real me?
Why am I hiding from myself?
My mind defines afraid
But my heart knows confidence
I choose to trap myself inside a box
So I know that I’m safe from harm
But when I open my eyes
My sight is gone
What happened to the environment?
Or is it me trying to avoid the outside
But who can I ask?
No one understands what I’m going through
I’m trapped in a box!
Or was I just afraid to speak up
I just need someone to understand my misery
But after all the people I pushed away
After all the time I’m wasting
After all the decisions I had to make
I find myself “Alone in the Darkness”

(c) 12 October 2008
[Reprinted With Permission--Courtesy of IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R)]

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