Friday, June 19, 2009


What do words mean to me?
Letters put together to modify action, appearance, sound, thought, intensity, feel, smell, or time.
Words are everywhere around me
Most people just identify words as a language
Some even think of it as letters formed to make a sound that we understand
But words mean everything in life to me
It expresses my happiness, anger, melancholy, and humiliation
Words bring a whole new meaning to life in this world
Words lead to our behavior, depending on the tones we use
Words are a communication to one another’s soul
Words roll off our tongues to represent strife or encouragement
Words speak life and words speak death
Words fill our minds with knowledge
And words seek our hearts with emotion
But words especially fill our lives with understanding
It leaves us to want to learn more about the depth of the things we use unconsciously
Life is made for us to explore and desire the things we want most
But we never take the time to figure out the little things
Such as the meaning of words
So, what do words mean to you?

(c) 15 April 2009
[Reprinted With Permission--Courtesy of IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R)]

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