Friday, January 22, 2010


WOW!!! It’s Summer Break!!!
Isn’t that swell?
Vacation is going to be splendid
That I can tell
Boarding the plane
For the 26 hour flight
Depart in the day
Arrive at night
Climbing down the stairs
Of the monstrous plane
It is cloudy outside
I hope it doesn’t rain
Smelling the air
As I reminisce the past
It’s a breathtaking feeling because
I’m home at last!!!!
It is pitch black
But I remember the scene
Being a young boy
And the places I’ve been
Singapore is my home
The place where my life began
There’s the hospital where I was born
And there’s the park where I ran
And there’s my old school
Where most of my memories lie
But I’ll never relive them
No matter how hard I try
Starting to feel sad
It is coming on fast
But the greatest thought returns
I’m home at last!!!!

April 31, 2008
All Rights Reserved

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