Friday, January 22, 2010


When asked the question “Is it better to make decisions with your heart or with your mind?” what would your answer be? My answer would be, it is better to use your mind. I say this due to various reasons.

Using your heart to make decisions can be very costly and I will explain why. Your heart usually makes hasty decisions because it uses emotion. If your mad at someone and have the opportunity to make them look bad or hurt them, you will most likely take that opportunity. That person could be related to you (i.e. brother, sister, cousin) but because of the reason that you are mad at them at the time, you will take that opportunity to hurt them. That is because you used your heart and not your brain to make decisions. My sister and I get into countless arguments and fights, and I am guilty too of making decisions with my heart and emotions. Those unintelligent choices often cause me to get grounded or lose privileges. If we all made decisions by using our mind and not our hearts, we would make better quality choices. Using your mind to make decisions is far more beneficial. By using your mind to make decisions, you don’t make decisions out of emotion or anger. You make decisions off prior information on the subject and knowledge altogether. Your mind knows what is best for you and will make the right decision. Using your heart to make decisions is plain stupid in my opinion. For example, if a sportscaster or sports analyst was supposed to truthfully predict using statistics on who would most likely win the game but instead chose his or her favorite team just for the reason that they were his or her favorite team, he or she might lose his or her job, get blacklisted as an unreliable sports resource, and so on. If he or she would have made the right and truthful decision by using their mind and not their heart they would still have their job.

In my opinion, this topic answer is obvious. Your mind makes better and more reasonable decisions. While your heart makes hasty and dim-witted choices. I have made choices with my heart before and it resulted badly for me. So use your head and make the right choice or the result may be ghastly. This is where I stand on the subject.

Where do you stand?

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