Friday, January 22, 2010


If I were to choose someone who has inspired and influenced my life, the most, it would definitely be my grandmother. She has inspired me in many significant ways. Her name is Rashidah Ash-Shaheed. She is my fathers’ mother. She was strong (mentally), loving, and young at heart. When her husband, my grandfather, passed away she came to live with us in Arizona; from Rhode Island. She was extremely courageous, when she arrived in Arizona she informed us that she wanted to be independent and live on her own. She did not want to be a burden to us.

We found her a nice assisted living facility that would take care of her needs. We would visit her as much as possible, to keep her company. She lived quite a distance away; it was hard to go back and forth to her house daily due to the price of gas. She would always stay strong and entertain herself by watching TV or participating in the facilities events i.e. bingo, card games, or crocheting even though she was alone and unaccompanied in her home. She was usually sick but she always fought hard to regain her healthiness and stay alive.

When I had a sporting event to attend, she would always want to come and cheer me on, no matter what her physical condition. She would shout my name when I did something good on the basketball court; or on the soccer field and she would push me to try again when I failed to do something correctly. She did not care if I won or lost my game, she just wanted me to be happy and safe from harm.

I wish to acquire traits from my grandmother like being brave, strong, and always seeing the cup as half full rather than half empty. She passed away on November 2rd, 2008. She may be gone, but her memory, legacy, and love will always be felt.

December 2009
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